MediaLab 2016 Scholarship Application

Students! Want to attend the National Meeting in Philadelphia this year? This is a great way to become more involved with your profession and learn more about ASCLS.

See the application below:


Application for ASCLS GA Student Forum Travel Scholarship

             Sponsored by MediaLab Inc.

ASCLS National Annual Meeting

August 1st – August 4th, 2016

Philadelphia, PA




Submit your completed application via email by  June 4th to Lacey Campbell, Representatives from MediaLab will be selecting the recipient and all applicants will be notified by June 10th.

ASCLS Georgia Spring Meeting Update

Hey everyone our Spring Meeting is almost here! Online registration can be completed here:

We are partnering with MUST Ministries again and hosting a raffle with a ton of great prizes!

Details posted below:


Raffle tickets are available for $1/ticket Recurring donations with a minimum of $5/month give a bonus 10 raffle tickets

(i.e. $5 donation recurring = 5 raffle tickets + 10 bonus tickets for a total of 15 tickets) Item donations: Pasta Jelly Canned Fruit: 2 raffle tickets/item

Canned Meat Peanut Butter: 3 raffle tickets/item


Raffle Prizes being raffled individually:

  • 2 Lab Week Run Registrations
  • 2 Student Forum Fundraiser “ASCLS #Lab4Life” Bracelets
  • 9 Giant Microbes five 2” Keychain Minis: Brain Cell, Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell, Bookworm, Kissing Disease & four 2” Germ Minis: Common Cold, Flu, Sore Throat, & Stomach Ache

Picture1 Picture2





Raffle Flyer: MUST Ministries ASCLS GA Raffle