ASCLS Georgia is proud to present several All Star Medical Laboratory Speakers for our 2018 Spring Meeting
Our professional track speakers and topics of presentation:


Improving Diagnosis, Reducing Costs and Saving Patients’ Lives through Consultation
Presented by Brandy Gunsolus of Rutgers University/Augusta Medical Center, Augusta GA

There are significant opportunities to improve the utilization of laboratory tests, reduce diagnostic error and improve patient safety through consultation with clinicians on the proper test to order and interpretation of test results.  Case studies of consultation experiences will be presented to demonstrate the value of interacting directly with clinicians to reduce improper use of laboratory tests, cost savings to the patient and healthcare system and improve patient outcomes.



The Demand for Blood and the Challenge to Manage It – A Conundrum
Presented by Ed Peterson Executive Director, Laboratory Services Piedmont Healthcare, Atlanta GA

This session will discuss how one Blood Bank met the challenge of servicing their patients as the hospital campus continued to expand, both in size and complexity. The discussion will include strategies that were implemented to meet the increasing hospital demand for blood products at the same time of implementation of a blood management program.



Managing Chaos – Surviving in the Laboratory
Presented by Eric Stanford of Vanderbilt University Medical Center Diagnostic Laboratories, Nashville TN

Let’s face it – working in the laboratory can even in the best of times be described as CHAOS. Between the STAT orders, the QC and maintenance, multiple reports, deadlines, and numerous other tasks that consume our day, it can be tough to survive and thrive in the laboratory environment. Are there strategies and tips that will help us get to the end of the day? How do we respond in a stressful situation? This presentation will help the attendee identify the chaos that surrounds us, and demonstrate various tactics to manage chaos and achieve success. It is possible to reach Zen-like calm during the storm!



The Vampire Diaries: The Tale of Healthcare Acquired Anemia
Presented by Kyle Riding PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM, Lecturer of Health Science of University of Central Florida, Orlando FL

The link between diagnostic blood loss and healthcare acquired anemia is well established. This session will explore the patient safety and financial implications of healthcare acquired anemia while also discussing strategies for reducing its incidence.



Laboratory Test Selection – A New Paradigm
Presented by Elissa Passiment of EP Clinical Lab Consulting, Bluffton SC

The CDC and CLIHC, as part of a tri-agency collaboration engaged in research to improve the quality and effectiveness of laboratory services, conducted expert panels with pathologist informaticists, clinicians and laboratory scientists to discuss current ordering and interpretation challenges. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (formerly IOM) report, Improving Diagnosis in Health Care, emphasizes that improvement in the diagnostic process hinges on successful professional collaboration among all health care professionals and the field of pathology as critical to diagnosis but insufficiently recognized and engaged.  We will report on the results and insights learned that will guide clinicians in test selection and reduction of diagnostic and medical errors.



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