Students & New Professionals

MediaLabs, Inc Scholarship Application for ASCLS 2017 Annual Meeting being held in San Diego, California

ASCLS Georgia Media Labs Scholarship Application 2017

Deadline to apply: May 20, 2017


Student and New Professional/New Member Travel Grant Application

2017 Annual Meeting Travel Grant Application
Deadline to apply: May 26, 2017


We have compiled a list of resources for students and new professionals (individuals who have graduated and have been working in the field of Clinical Laboratory Science or have held ASCLS membership for less than 5 years) who are interested in the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science and what it has to offer for its student and new professional members:
Facebook Group ASCLS Student Forum & Recent Graduates posting scholarship tips on Fridays with “Free Money Fridays” and offering a great community environment for questions

Facebook Group ASCLS NPNMF (New Professional New Member Forum) for professional tips and advice for new professionals/new members


Alpha Mu Tau Scholarships

Applications for the upcoming scholarships should become available in November 2016


Legislative Symposium Student and New Professional Travel grants are offered typically in January to assist with students and new professionals traveling to and participating in ASCLS Legislative Symposium. Legislative symposium is a two day event with the first day dedicated to preparations (new professionals and professionals earn continuing education credit) as well as learn about the issues facing our profession that will be at the forefront of our discussions with our legislators and aids we meet with on the second day on Capitol Hill. The event coordinates with participants to schedule meetings with senators and senators’ aids, congressman and congressional aids from the participant’s district. Legislative symposium 2016 topics are available at if you would like to learn more about the issues we bring forth to our representatives during Legislative Symposium.


Attend a meeting on the state, regional, or national level! Student registration is often very discounted and this is a great place to meet other professionals in your field, network, and learn!


ASCLS Georgia’s Annual Meeting typically held in the spring has a tradition of hosting excellent student review sessions for the board of certification preparation for MLS and MLT students. These sessions cover all topics and occur concurrently with our professional continuing education tracks. During our Georgia Annual Meeting student elections are held and students elect a student forum chair, vice chair, and a secretary.


Scholarships/Travel Grants for Attending the National Meeting

ASCLS loves students! We offer many scholarships to try to assist with their travel to the National Meetings every year. Beckman Coulter offers travel grants and in Georgia we are very fortunate to have a history of offering these travel grants through MediaLabs for Georgia MLS and MLT Students. More information about these opportunities will be available in spring 2017. The ASCLS National Meeting for 2017 will be held in San Diego, California. The ASCLS National Meeting for 2018 will be held in Chicago, Illinois.


The National ASCLS society begins looking for students and new professionals to join a national ASCLS committee in the spring. These committees include Government Affairs Committee, Political Action Committee, Leadership Development Committee, Patient Safety Committee, P.A.C.E. Committee, Promotion of the Profession Committee, Bylaws Committee, Membership Committee, Product Development Committee, and Awards Committee. This experience can be very valuable to both students and new professionals to not only learn how these committees operate but also to see firsthand how they work to help the organization and the profession at large.


Leadership Academy and the ASCLS Mentorship Program are also available for ASCLS members. Each of these programs works to guide and shape our future leaders. Leadership Academy begins taking applicants in the spring and the Mentorship Program is taking applications right now with a deadline of August 31, 2016 for the 2016 – 2017 Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Program pairs a Mentor and a Mentee together to offer guidance for newer ASCLS members from more seasoned ASCLS members.