Advocacy for our Laboratorians

Our primary goal is to advocate for our profession and our patients. We do this by representing the interests of the clinical laboratory and affiliated professions and members of the Society in all government and other forums that affect these interests and being involved in national and state legislation and promoting licensure for all medical laboratory professionals.


ASCLS-GA seeks to provide educational opportunities to students, future students, non-laboratory professionals and patients.

Alpha Mu Tau is a national fraternity whose purpose is the advancement of professionals in the clinical laboratory sciences. One of the prime activities of the fraternity is the granting of graduate and undergraduate scholarships for clinical laboratory science students. Applicants for all scholarships must be ASCLS members. More information regarding these scholarships can be found at: https://ascls.org/alpha-mu-tau-scholarships/

Legislative Symposium Developing Professional and Ascending Professional Grants are typically offered in the fall to assist with Developing Professionals and Ascending Professionals traveling to and participating in the ASCLS Legislative Symposium. Legislative Symposium is a two-day event with the first day dedicated to preparations (Ascending Professionals and Professional Members earn continuing education credit) as well as learn about the issues facing our profession that will be at the forefront of the discussions with our legislators and aids that are met in the second day on Capitol Hill. The event coordinates with participants to schedule meetings with senators and senators' aids, congressmen and congressional aids from the participant's district.

Joint Annual Meeting Scholarships/Travel Grants are typically offered in the spring/summer to provide opportunities for members to attend the Joint Annual Meeting between the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), Association of Genetic Technologists (AGT), and Society of American Federal Medical Laboratory Scientists (SAFMLS). The event consists of educational programs, abstracts/posters, and industry engagement platforms, and can be attended through both in-person and virtual formats.

ASCLS-Georgia's Annual Meeting is typically held in the spring and has a tradition of hosting excellent student review sessions for the Board of Certification preparation for MLS and MLT students. These sessions cover all topics and occur concurrently with our professional continuing education tracks. Students are offered discounted rates to attend and are encouraged to submit proposals for poster sessions/abstracts!

ASCLS Georgia Leadership Roster 2023-2024


President - Dr. Phyllis Ingham

Past President - Leslie Cooper

President Elect - Jeremiah Oh

Secretary/Treasurer - Kemorine Roberts

Ascending Professional Director - Brittney Jones

Developing Professional Director - Tiffany Benjamin

Director - Dr. Garland Pendergraph

Director - Giti Bayhaghi

Director - Ally Storla

Director - Christy Cole

Webmaster - Ally Storla

Interested in Volunteering?

If you're interested in volunteering with ASCLS-Georgia, contact Ally Storla at allystorla@gmail.com!